Our Project #1

– from 2012 until 2016

CAMAAY undertook a school organic vegetable cultivation  project in various primary schools of the Mbai zone in Oku Sub Division, Bui Division of the North West Region of Cameroon. This project was executed in partnership with the Ministry of Basic Education through the inspectorate of Basic Education, the Head Teachers and the P.T.A (Parent Teachers Association) of the schools concerned.

This project was aimed at creating the following impacts in the beneficiary communities;

  • Acquainting the pupils/ community children on the skills of gardening.
  • Improving livelihoods of children who practice gardening through the sale of garden products at home.
  • To ease the teaching of environmental education and agriculture as a subject in school. In the gardens the children used the method of “learn-by-doing”.
  • Securing good nutrition through sustainable and healthy gardening.
  • Creating awareness in the children on the importance of agriculture to the economy.

Workshops and field exercises were organized in each school for the pupils, teachers and members of the community on different subjects like, types of vegetables and their nutritional values, how to prepare garden beds and how to grow vegetables, composting, weeding, planting, harvesting and storage of seeds.

An essay completion with theme my dream garden was organized for pupils of the different schools and classes. The objective was to incite creativity and imagination in the children.

Agriculture is one of the main areas of self-employment and contributes a large sum to the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of the national economy. Gardening is one of the main types of farming and has been neglected in many communities in Cameroon. Through the school garden project executed by CAMAAY in Oku sub Division, the impact of gardening will be felt in the various communities as children will long to practice the activity back in their homes. The project was successful with the collaboration of the various school authorities and the pupils concerned.