Rural Women

– FROM 2013 UNTIL 2017

The project was aimed at empowering rural women economically. With the support of our international volunteer Maureen Mayer (USA), about 300 women were reached individually.

Questionnaires were distributed to 15 women groups that helped to know the groups better and to diagnose some of their weaknesses and strengths. Based on the analysis, specific projects were designed for each group. The vision became more about empowering women through knowledge exchange, by providing workshops that foster sustainability. During our assessment of the questionnaires and after meeting with the groups, we discovered that many women were interested in improving their seeds and the soil structure. Thus, we created composting workshops—with both educational and practical sessions. Through the creation of local and personal composts women and farmers would become more economically independent because their soils would be more fertile. Consequently, they would not only depend but also spend less on fertilizers, and there would be an increase in the yields of their crops. Over the course of the 12 months in Oku, we successfully gave compost lectures to 6 women’s groups and two schools.

Additionally, we conducted workshops on natural lotion making with the intention to see what products can be created from local resources with economic value. The overall objective in each of our activities was to share ideas which could result in the creation of more opportunities for the women of Oku.

Another project that we worked on was growing “Moringaoliefera”. One of our first intentions was to create a food forest with a focus on growing this species, but with time and trials we began to understand that due climatic conditions it was difficult to grow this species in Oku. We conducted 5 different workshops with various groups both in Oku, as well as in Bamti and Kumbo to explain the many wonders of this plant as well as planted seeds for each of the attendees.