– from 2010 until 2017

Connecting Classrooms and Communities is a program that creates partnerships between clusters of schools in Cameroon and other schools around the world.  It has been designed to enable schools to use international partnerships to achieve goals within core educational strategies, as well as national strategies for internationalizing education. We believe that learners of all ages and abilities benefit from direct interaction with their international peers. Working together on joint projects improves communication and ICT skills, encourages language learning, and deepens their understanding of other societies and cultures – as well as their own. It can also have a positive impact on the individual’s motivation and achievements. Teachers and school leaders gain from experiencing educational practice in different countries, sharing good practice and experiences with national and international counterparts, and benchmarking against standards in other countries.

In 2016, we connected the kids in classes growing school gardens with four classrooms in Italy involved in growing their own garden. English- or French-speaking classrooms anywhere in the world can participate in this program by becoming pen pals with children in a Cameroon classroom.  We planned a harvest fair in Spring 2017 to feature the produce from that year’s gardens, and sister schools helped plan it by designing posters, developing recipes, and preparing
information packets. Future experiences could even be more meaningful for all involved if the sister school(s) held a fundraiser to support the school gardens. Fundraisers could include collecting cell phones for recycling; collecting book donations and holding a book sale; or hosting a buffet featuring a variety of African dishes made with using the recipes developed for the crops grown.

If you a teacher or administrator at a school that might be interested in a school partnership, please contact us.