– from 2015 to 2016

It is well known that forests are important to a green environment and other benefits. These benefits may be classified according to ecological values, such as: climate stabilization, soil enrichment and protection, regulation of water cycles, improved biodiversity, purification of air, CO2 sinks, potential source of new products for the pharmaceutical industry, social benefits (recreational and leisure area, tradition uses, landscape, employment) and economic values (timber, non-wood forest products, employment).

In view of involving youths and children in the sustainable management of the kilum-Ijim forest,  CAMAAY organized an awareness raising campaign on forest management for youths and children. Kilum-Ijim forest is located in the North West region of Cameroon and surrounded by three tribes: Oku, Nso and Kom.

During the awareness campaign that took place in Oku, 30 children and 20 youth leaders participated in the workshop. Themes such as why you should know your forest, the importance of involving youths and children in forest management and many other topics were discussed.