In Cameroon, children’s futures are in serious jeopardy. From the ongoing terrorist activity by Nigeria’s Boko Haram, the Islamic State in ISWAP and the consequent flux of refugees into Cameroon, transnational threats and internal conflicts collectively jeopardise the safety and security of the people of Cameroon. The government’s inability to curb violence and solve grievances has pushed the crisis into a full-blown war, affecting social, economic and political life, and making basic human rights out of reach. At least 1.3 million people need immediate assistance.

CAMAAY is designing and implementing a successful Child Sponsorship Programme (CSP) to help empower children and their families, through opportunity and access. Under the CSP, you can sponsor a child as a Platinum, Diamond or Gold sponsor, for $99, $79 and $25 respectively per month. 90% of your donation will go directly towards acquiring essential items for your sponsored child, including school supplies, clothing, food, and medical care. The remaining 10% covers operational costs for the programme including fees and employee salaries.

The detailed proposal for this scheme can be accessed on our website, and it goes over how funding is managed, what child sponsorship includes and who it goes to, and some child profiles. It also dives into our past performance, partnerships, project management and appropriation of funds. We hope that you will take your time to read it. CAMMAY believes that every child deserves time to play, laugh, love and learn, and appreciate your kind consideration.