CAMAAY is interested in using second-hand or recycled items and products for the benefit of local communities and the IDP population. One of our goals is to empower young people economically and to help them generate a basic income and to become self-employed. Therefore, one of our aims is to set up training workshops and projects in order for the affected population to learn valuable skills, such as tailoring, engineering, decorating, painting, doing sports and farming.

Second-hand or recycled items such as machinery, electronics, hairdressing items, painting items, sports equipment, clothing, shoes and other items can help us to teach the local communities how to properly operate or handle these specific items. Those items that are recycled in other countries can be of great value for us in Cameroon: it offers a possibility for an individual to learn more about a certain skill, and can create employment on the long term.

If you are interested in joining CAMAAY through volunteering, or have a lead which can give us access to recycled products, please contact us.