Our partners
Our partners

The following organizations have made invaluable contributions to our programs:
“Seed Programs International” and “ECHO” provided seeds for our garden project.
“Skills for Change” has been an invaluable source of online micro-volunteers for a variety of tasks.
“YPARD Cameroon” partnered with us to add 5 primary schools to our garden project.
“Health & Education 4 All International” has been an ongoing partner of support and assistance. Most recently the organization sent us a shipment of some 70 bags of school supplies, along with three laptops that were generously donated to us.

“Recycles.org” connects us with businesses and individuals willing to donate their used electronics to a good cause.
A fourth-grade class from the Trillium Charter School has partnered with us
to become pen pals with a classroom in Cameroon.
“Water for Cameroon” offered us a two-day workshop on irrigation
techniques for our gardens.
“Ingenieurs du Monde” posted our needs for engineering interns, allowing
us to successfully recruit individuals for our clean water project.
These schools and organizations have sent volunteers to work with us:
– Nourish International
– Marion Harding High School
– The International Bund-IB
– Mallersdorf – Pfaffenberg, Germany
– Ludwigsgymnasium Straubing
– St. Stephan – Alburg, Germany

We thank the above mentioned schools, organizations and institutions for their incredible support in our journey to achieve our goal and fulfill our objectives.